C&D Engineering, Inc. is a consulting engineering firm specializing in the design of public water and wastewater utility systems.

Established in 1991 by Layne C. Cady, P.E. and Jeffery W. DeBosier, P.E., C&D was designed to not be a typical engineering firm.  Using out extensive past and low overhead business model we strive to provide the highest quality engineering work as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.  To date, some of our best clients are the same ones we started business with over 20 years ago.

Our good reputation in the area comes from the quality of our work. Although people measure quality differently in our industry, we think quality engineering comes from optimizing the project.  A balance should always be made between client requirements, construction cost, time, and fees.

Our mission is to engineer the best final product we can, not only for our clients but for the public as well.  We here at C & D Engineering genuinely enjoy what we do, we are motivated by our love of design and for construction of all things, large and small.